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With All Hallows Eve upon us and the vast array of horror movies on cable this month, I was trying to link up two of my favorite things, hockey and horror.

While it is extremely impressive that Jason wore a goalie mask (warms my heart,  the goalie connection) in Friday the 13th films, I can't help but be disappointed that he didn't use any other equipment. He could have done some real damage with a stick and skate blade. Even hockey tape could have been figured in somewhere..think MacGyver only with more blood.

Got me thinking about how we could put a hockey spin on some other classic horror films. So in true twisted PuckGal fashion, I give you "Horror...the Hockey Way".

The Exorcist - Coach is called in to tame a bunch of 11 year boys and girls in the locker room. Ends up hockey taping them to the bench and spraying them with ice while screening the movie "Miracle"

Nightmare on Elm Street or Nightmare on the South Rink- A referee, made insane by too many abusive parents uses his hockey stick fingered hand to keep calling off sides.

Paranormal Activity or Abnormal Activity-A team of Squirts are allowed to eat candy, drink soda, swim and stay up late the night before a tournament game. This is the terrifying found footage of that game.

Texas Tourney Massacre - An in-bred coach decides to play his team up two levels with disastrous results.

Halloween -Deranged coach seeks out the player he couldn't draft years before. Terrorizes small Canadian town and instead of doing it on Halloween, he does it on Canadian Boxing Day dressed like Herb Brooks.

Carrie or Mrs. Carrie- Hockey mom who, after years of abuse, sleep deprivation, bankruptcy and no coffee in the warm room, goes ballistic at a rink. Exacts revenge on the parents who talk smack about her kid and the coaches who won't play him/her. Substitute ice for the blood that the original gets drenched with.

I think I've got Box Office gold here.

Happy Halloween!

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