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Your Team is Winning..So Shut Up!

photo.jpg by thesurlygurlFor several years I thought that there was an unspoken code of conduct in youth hockey.

Once your team had reached a certain score in a game, you dampen down your celebration in order to be respectful of the other side. You resort to the quiet "golf clap" when the scoreboard starts showing 6-0 or 8-1.

Why would this code be necessary?

As someone who has spent some time on the OTHER side of the scoreboard (16-1, 12-0, 15-2) etc etc excessive celebration from the other parents is just a major downer. It can also be viewed as a neener-neener in the face of the losing team,

Or more bluntly, it's just damn rude.

Support is wonderful. Cheering is wonderful. Clapping is wonderful. What is not wonderful is glass pounding, cowbell ringing, bellowing chants and clapping till your hands are bleeding, all in the face of parents whose kids are fighting a 8 goal deficit. Not cool.

Perhaps my loser wounds run too deep or I am just too empathetic to the plight of the less fortunate team (and yes I cringe for the opposing goalie too)..but I stand by my code.

Neither a gloater nor a bragger be...well at least not during the game!

Stats..who needs 'em??

Girls in or Girls Out?