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There's No "Share" in Goalie

It was inevitable. I counseled, I warned, I tried to prepare her. After 5 years of going solo, it was bound to happen. Eventually my 11 year old goalie was going to have to share the net. Most teams want 2 goaltenders and most teams need 2 goaltenders in case of illness, injury etc. It was a stroke of luck/miracle/insanity that she has been the only one for so long.

Now in her first season of PeeWee she has to learn to share all over again and has regressed to Kindergarten-like behavior. Case in point, last night's practice. A goalie coach came out to her skills session to help out. Fantastic! We love the extra coaching. When asked how it went though, she said she didn't like him. When I prompted her as to why she said "He talked to the other goalie more than me".


Jealousy has reared its goalie helmeted head. Like a girlfriend scorned,  I have to deal with the pouty face and semi-hurt feelings. Seriously? Did she expect that he would focus all his attention on her, shun the others and only have eyes for her t-slides and butterfly?

And how does she think I feel? I have to retire my fabulously blinged out "Goalie Mom" sweatshirt from games because I am not the only goalie mom on our side anymore. Now I just blend in with the rest of the moms. Did she think of that?

Maybe the drama queen doesn't fall too far from the stage.

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