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You've seen them. The parents huddled around the standing sheets posted on the wall of the rink during a hockey tournament. You can almost see the smoke coming from their ears as they number crunch, analyze and fret over whether the Warthogs will beat the Honey Badgers in the next game and how will that point differential from our earlier game factor in. Who has to beat who to get us in the Championship?????

I stand there, pretending to be interested, pretending to crunch those numbers with my brows furrowed in faux concentration as I create the illusion that I give a damn.

The truth is..I don't.

Ok before the hate begins to flow, please understand that I DO care that the team does well, I DO care if we make it to the Championship (although granted not as much as some) but is my playing the "what if" game going to make a difference? No. Because the Warthogs' star forward may be struck down with food poisoning and maybe that is the time the Honey Badgers will play the game of their lives and throw the whole thing off. 

I have said it once, twice, a thousand times...YOU CANNOT, AND SHOULD NOT TRY TO PREDICT A YOUTH HOCKEY GAME. 

The kids don't care either. You don't see them huddled together like bean counting survivalists discussing point differentials. Part of the fun, the excitement, the joy of the sport is that unknown factor. The X factor of how our team came out against older, bigger, more experienced players and kicked butt. The X factor of the Honey Badgers coming out and tanking against the Warthogs. The X factor of a goalie who lets in 5 goals but makes 25 saves. The X factor disguising itself as pure joy on the faces of the team when they win the impossible game.

And no stat can tell you that.

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