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Getting Picked Last: Mom's First Day of Hockey

Tomorrow is the first day of school for my daughter and I am reminded of another first day coming up..the first official day of a new hockey season. Not just new in it's another year, but a new team, a new coach and a bunch of new parents and kids. It's kinda like the first day at a new school. A little nervous, a little anxious and really wanting to fit in.

And I am not just talking about my goalie.

Parents need to fit in too, after all you are going to be together 3-4 times a week, travel together, eat together, and hate the same refs together (oops did I say that?)  And by fitting in I don't mean making sure I have the right boots, the right hairstyle and the right hat to go over that right hairstyle at the rink. My fitting in with fashion died right along with that huge Esprit bag I bought in high school because ALL the girls had them.

I am talking about personality or as the corporate world would call it "culture". I have made my share of mistakes in this arena. Tried to infiltrate the inner circle of hockey dads. And even though I know just as much about hockey this is a no-no. No one without a Y chromosome is allowed admittance in to that tight little group by the glass or the top of the bleachers. And don't try to deny it gentleman.

And I can't just join in with a few fart jokes or punch someone in the arm as undoubtedly my daughter will do in the first few practices. Well, not unless I want to be labeled as a very serious freak..but I already have the goalie mom title to debunk.

So I need to make nice with the moms. I am a pretty social type and generally I tend to grow on others (insert fungus joke here) but a lot of these parents have been together a while. I am an not like Patrick Swayze or C. Thomas Howell but I do think I would look pretty cool with a pack of cigarettes rolled up in my sleeve.

So what to do?

I guess I will just roll in, be myself and let the pucks fall where they may. And isn't that the same advice I give my daughter on the first day?

Well that, and wear clean underwear.

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