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A Brush with Hockey Fame..or at least Hockey Fame's Armpit

Oh the things hockey players think are cool...this weekend my goalie daughter started practice with her new team. One of the advantages of this new team is the fact that we get some rather famous coaching from time-to-time from the Phoenix Coyotes. The kids love it, the parents love that their kids get to practice with their idols and the guys love to hand out advice and mess with them a little bit.

Case in point, Saturday's session.

During a backward skating drill my daughter nearly takes out our famous coach of the day (name has been omitted to protect the very cool guy) but instead of just exchanging some polite "sorry's" my daughter got a little more. He rough housed with her a little and she somehow ended up in his armpit.

Excitedly relaying the incident to me later and grinning like the hockey crazed Phoenix Coyote fan she is, her only other comment was "it smelled".

I guess being a an incredibly awesome hockey playing role model doesn't necessarily give you odor free armpits. Didn't make her less excited about the encounter though...

Anyone else have a great brush with hockey fame? Armpit or no armpit?

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