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Retribution on Ice: Parents Vs Kids Hockey Game...the Sequel

You may remember me regaling you with tales from the Menopausal Mustangs last year and how I earned my nickname "MomForcer".

Retribution on Ice - The Parents vs Kids Hockey Game

Well after that experience I couldn't help but give it another go this season. But in the interest of variety and as a bonding experiment with my daughter, I chose the position of goalie. Oh yeah why not go full force, play an entire game and have pucks shot at my head.

Once again equipment was somewhat of a challenge but I insisted that my daughter strap me in th pads.  After ALL those years of me having to do it, she owes me! Tying those skates wasn't an issue though, there were a plethora of amused hockey dads to do it.

Biggest equipment surprise? Walking in goalie pads. Who knew it was so damn hard and so unladylike?? I bowleggedly made my way to the bench without tripping, score 1 for me and managed to get a decent grip on the stick, score another one for me! By the way, I am righty in hockey but a lefty in life..go figure.

Even skating to the net was accomplished without completing looking like a noob but that is where things took a turn..

We had a little pre-game skate and due to Mr. I-Played-Once-In-The-Juniors hockey dad I sustained quite a nice bruise on my lower stomach from a "warm up" shot. This was not the only bruise I received that night and everyone thought I had given myself a concussion from an early game fall where my skates mysteriously slipped out from under me causing me to crack my head on the ice.

The tally for the night?

- 2 bruises
- A pair of extremely sore arches
- Approximately 10-12 saves including one incredible glove save where I batted the puck away with my closed glove..impressive I know.
- A few sore losers whom I shut down
- 2 trips, 1 intentional, 1 not-so-intentional
- 1 incident of smack talking with the captain of the kids team
- 1 hour of sweaty fun

And as always the moral of the story is...IT'S NOT AS EASY AS IT LOOKS!

But I will keep on trying. If nothing else it made my daughter laugh.

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