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Ch-ch-ch Changes

Take a goalie who's never really had to share duty with another goalie, who has been on the same team, the same ice with the same coach for the last 2 years and then throw her out, at the end of the season, with a bunch of boys she doesn't know to participate in their team practice.

Sounds fun huh?

I could see the nerves forming even before she left the locker room. Uncharacteristically quiet and expedient she just observed the boys' banter and when she had finished dressing she was quick to leave. Not at all like the loud, pokey goalie I know. Being ever so pessimistic I thought she might take the nerves with her and completely tank in net.

But she didn't.

Obviously I didn't credit her for being the athlete she is and she performed like a champ despite the boys' elevated skill level  Shot after shot she moved and blocked like a pro. Feeling quite confident after the session, I asked her "so, did you like it?"  Her answered surprised me.


I was a little perplexed, she did well, the coaches liked her and the boys didn't give her any grief. It took me till the next day to figure out what happened.


She didn't know the drills, how the coach was going to run practice and she was just plain uncomfortable. Out of her comfort zone. How many of us have felt that and not liked it either? Maybe some parents would have said ok, you don't have to go to other one but I am not like other parents. I told her that is was good to be a little uncomfortable, it was good not to know what was coming next and it was good that she was with people she hadn't known for 2 years.

And guess what..I was right.

The second practice went just as well and she was far more at ease. Or maybe that is just what I like to think.

How have you pulled the rug out from under your athlete?

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