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Turkey, Travel and Torment...It's the Thanksgiving Weekend Tournament!

Ok so the turkey is obvious, it's a Thanksgiving weekend tournament. The travel is even obvious, going to the other side of the city twice a day for 2-3 days in a row. The torment may not be as obvious until I explain why.


Never before has the fact that you are dealing with a team full of 9-10 year olds been made so clear until you have them play so many games in so little time.You start the morning off hot, your goalie is making crazy saves, offense is scoring, defense is making some key plays and everyone has tons of energy. You win and everyone is pumped. First game and it's a win! This is it. You know it. You can feel it. The team is gonna make the finals.

You come back a few hours later still floating on clouds, got the hockey high going and then mid game you wonder what aliens have captured your children and gave you miniature zombies. What happened? Where did the energy go? Where is the drive? Where is our second win??? What happened?

9 and 10 year old hockey players. That's what happened.

In the end the guys and gals did great winning two out of the four games and tying for 3rd place. But we did wonder how it was possible to have two such great showings and two not-so-great. In retrospect though how did we expect them to play the exact same way they had hours, or even days ago, when most of them, my goalie daughter included, can't remember what they had for breakfast? Really they are probably more concerned with hitting that Xbox or leftover pie at home. Hell even the big boys can't behave consistently most of the time.

 And why is that?

 The imperfection of human nature my friends. And human nature doesn't take a day off. Not even on Thanksgiving weekend tournaments.

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