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All I Want for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza is...

I am not one for making Christmas lists having shunned the commercialism of the season long ago..however I am not opposed to making a wish list of the non-tangible hockey items I am yearning for.

- Our defenseman back from his concussion induced leave of absence. The team is missing him.

- The ties converted to wins, if there was a championship won on ties this year we would be top o'the heap.

- A hockey bag that doesn't smell like something died in it. Ok I know this is asking a lot but it is a WISH list.

- End of the NHL lockout..nuff said.

- Enough money for my goalie's new goalie chest protector. One that DOESN'T have to be held together with hockey tape.

- No more "five hole" goals from my goalie daughter. Amazing glove saves? Check! Awesome poke checking? Check! Dribblers through the five? Cue the sad music..

- A successful trip to Vegas and no, I don't mean a big win at the roulette table (although I wouldn't refuse it) but a better showing against the Jr. Wranglers than we had at the Thanksgiving tournament.

- As much fun the rest of the season as we have had up until now!

Here's a puckin' great holiday!

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