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Regression and Aggression..Mom in the Bleachers

The hockey coach told me Sunday "A good mom watches from the bleachers, not the bar." I could not disagree more. First of all, the hockey gods would not have made the attached bar with one way glass for viewing if they hadn't wanted us to use it. Furthermore I am a much better mom during practice when I am not out there to witness so closely the goings-on.

Case in point. After that snarky comment and to assuage my own guilt,  I took position in the bleachers for the hour long practice. I then made the amazing turnaround from calm, cool, collected goalie mom to the beast I used to be when she first started playing. Muttering, under the breath swearing, nervous hand twisting and then to complete the insanity, the grandaddy of all bad hockey mom moves, I beat on the glass to get her attention.


In my defense, she was being incredibly lazy and resting on her pads in between shots. However I told myself 3 years ago I was giving up that behavior! It is the same reason I don't switch sides during games and why I make sure that I have a companion there beside me. It keeps me from making crazy moves like beating on the glass, distracting her and making an ass out of myself.

Moral of the story? My "bad mom" behind on a barstool in the tavern is a much saner one than a "good mom" one in the bleachers.

Order me a double Shirley Temple.

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