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Winning Isn't Everything...Or Is It?

Most of us have been taught from an early age that winning isn't everything. From board games to playground games to corporate games, the message has always been clear there is a winner and a loser but it isn't the end all be all.

It's the same in sports. Our kids have been taught that learning the fundamentals, playing hard and good sportmanship are what is important. And it's true. It is also true that there are lessons to be learned in losing.

And we have learned them. We have had two seasons of lessons in losing, good sportmanship, working hard and perservering. Now for the first time my goalie is faced with a winning season, albeit a summer one, but still a winning season. We went in to the Championship game undefeated in the playoffs and although we ended up with second place, it was still a winning season.

I have to feels good. It's kind of nice having the bigger number under your team's name for a change, feeling the team's confidence pre-game and seeing the joy on their faces post-game in the locker room.  No putting on the brave face after a loss and long rides home consoling your goalie in the backseat.

I imagine there is a downside to this winning thing..but I haven't seen it yet!

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