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Shane Doan Watch - August Edition

Oh how the rumor mill runs rampant. Vancouver, Pittsburgh, New York, Philadelphia...apparently they all are considering stealing away our captain. I say stealing only because when I talk about this I feel like a petulant child. He is our captain, has been since day one of the Phoenix Coyotes and now the prospect of losing him is pretty terrifying.

The local news got reaction from some players around town and even though it's been said all the players interviewed allude to the fact that he is THE face of the Phoenix Coyotes, the main reason people come to see the games and a terrific leader despite bankruptcy, no owner and lagging attendence game.

 It has also been suggested that he is a large part of how the Coyotes made it into post season 3 years in a row. But the Coyotes haven't come up with an offer yet and so he goes on the auction block. Poked, prodded and possibly seduced away from his home and us fans.

So we watch..and wait..and hope for the best.

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