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How Hockey Has Ruined Me for Other Sports

Last night we traded in the boys of winter for the boys of summer at an Arizona Diamondbacks game. Courtesy of work, I won tickets to the dugout box and I have to admit the seats were very impressive. Just past the roof of the dugout, extremely close to the field and our section even had their own restroom!

While I appreciate the game with its brand of athleticism and history, I just couldn't help but note the differences between baseball and our sport of choice, hockey.

- Noise level
Baseball is a far quieter sport all around from the players to the fans. Running just does not make the same noise as skates on ice although the occasional crack of the bat has a nice ring to it.

- Fan involvement
I can't tell you how many yawning faces we saw on the jumbotron. Granted it was a weeknight, but still.

- Length of game
It seems to go on FOREVER. At the eighth inning we had to call it a night. Nearly 3 1/2 hours was plenty for us.

- Speed of game
Baseball is a more meticulously played game. Less spur of the moment movement and activity. It is far more calculated (or at least it looks that way) than hockey.

- Predictability
Not too much going on that you don't already know is going to happen. With hockey you never know when a penalty is going to occur or a fight will break out.

- Overtime
Even this is far more interesting, a change in the number of players, different time period in which to play and then a shootout if all else fails. Baseball? Just has more innings.

Moral of the story? I would rather be in the cheap seats at a Phoenix Coyotes game than in dugout seats at the Diamondbacks..sorry guys!

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