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You Can't Go Home Again..Or Can You?

There's no place like home, there's no place like home. Round 2 of tryouts had us landing in the same rink we spent the last season playing out of. The obvious favorite, that fact became even more clear when we walked through the doors. Familiar faces, stories of last season (told as though they happened years ago instead of months) and of course the Ice House Tavern, the rink bar. If you haven't learned of my love for this haven please check the archives for "Shirley Temples with a Side of Guilt at the Old Ice Rink Bar".

It was like old times as they say but there were enough unfamilar faces to make it interesting, new and charged with the possibility of all that a new season holds.

Many of the same kids were back and the allure of having my goalie daughter stick with them was very strong. One more night of tryouts and we will see.

Change is good but sometimes the other cliche of "it's not broke don't fix it" is the better way to go. Click those skates three times.

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