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What Happens on a Hockey Trip STAYS on a Hockey Trip

When you tell non-hockey people that you are going to Vegas for the weekend people get excited for you. And it is exciting. Especially when it is the first out-of-state road trip..well roadtrip OUTSIDE the state anyway. What they don’t realize is that your weekend will be filled with early morning hours, grumpy, out of sorts 9 year olds, juggling the diet, and early lights out. Something that Las Vegas really doesn’t promote.

Let’s run down the weekend shall we?

-Drive 4 hours after you get off work and check in to the hotel during prime Vegas nightlife hours

-Try explaining the actions of the drunk woman at the registration desk next to you

-Unpack your “sensible” clothes. No heels, cute revealing tops or dresses anywhere to be found

-Wake up at 5:30am in order to get some sort of decent breakfast in your goalie and find your way to a rink you have never been to, making sure you are there at the required hour ahead of game time

-Circumvent drunk disorderlies getting arrested in the casino (did I mention the rink is INSIDE a casino?)

-Situate your goalie, sneak away to try your hand at roulette and then watch the team lose

-Force feed her a sandwich in the mere 1 1/2 hours you have before the next game

-Situate your goalie, sneak away to try your hand at a slot machine and then watch the team lose

-Realize it is already 4:30pm and make your way to the hotel buffet

-Eat far too much and suggest walking the hotel, and watch the shows for some sort of “fun” but realize that Vegas shows are not appropriate for 9 year olds even if they are in the middle of the hotel in plain sight

-Be envious of the crowd of partying adults with alcoholic beverages and retire for the night at the party animal hour of 9:30pm

-Wake up at 5:30am to pack sensible attire, and get a decent breakfast in the goalie (which ends up being through a drive-thru because the checkout on your TV didn’t work and you had to do it at the desk)

-Situate your goalie, sneak away to try your hand at poker and then watch the team lose

Sounds awful right? It's all in your perspective because here's the other side:

-Watching your goalie play insanely hard in the third game, shutting down their best player in the shootout.

-Seeing her face as she realizes that that “glow” behind the mountains is the lights of Vegas.

-Playing a class act team that truly appreciates the time, effort and money it took to get there.

-Having a group of parents that know it’s the little things that count and the scoreboard doesn't always reflect what happened during the game. 

And in the end that is all that really counts.

That and the $50 you won in roulette!

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