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The Rejection Letter - Your Kid Didn't Make the Team

As an aspiring writer I am completely familiar with the rejection letter. That white 8 1/2 x 11 bringer-of-doom indicating in all its form letter evilness that your work just wasn't good enough. Or it wasn't what they were looking for. Or it was what they are looking for but just not right now. Of course the rejection "letter" has now been replaced with the rejection "email". It's still a bringer-of-doom only even more sterile in all its depressing glory.
Now apparently the youth hockey world has followed suit. Granted being a new-ish hockey parent we haven't experienced too many tryouts that haven't resulted in a slot offered. However with 3 tryouts this year we were bound to encounter at least one.
Hence the email we received about a week after my goalie's first tryout. It wasn't as though it was a surprise. We were told after the 2 day event that they were "solid" with another goalie. Hmm ok.  As much as I appreciated the ice time and pucks flying at her to quote Adam Sandler that information might have been helpful YESTERDAY! Or at least before I paid $60 and drove like a maniac each day to get her there. For a team that she was never going to make and for an email that was a week past due. Thank goodness we weren't holding our breath or sitting on pins and needles. My behind would be sore and blue right about now.

Am I being snarky? Yeah maybe a little bit. I do that with writer rejections too. I care too much I guess.

Either that or tryouts just make me cranky.

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