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Retribution on Ice - The Parents vs Kids Hockey Game

As my daughter’s squirt season comes to a close, we are on the brink of the one of TRADITIONS of travel hockey..the Parents vs Kids game. An hour where everyone can take out their aggression on each other for an incredibly long, emotionally taxing (albeit exhilirating) season. It’s also a way for the kids to get back at their parents for screaming “SKATE” and questioning effort on the ice and goal scoring.
As I have never played hockey, this could get interesting. Trying on my husband’s gear last night (yeah he plays too) I questioned my ability to even move in the breezers and chest protector. As for the shin guards? Well, they are more like shin AND thigh guards with my legs being so short. Not sure how THAT is going to work.

The helmet appears to ok, even with my big curly Texas hair that I am currently sporting. Although I perish the thought of what it will look like after this debaucle is over.

While some parents were “smack talking” with their kid about goals to be scored, hits to be made and overall ass kicking, I opted to keep it all quiet on the homefront. No sense in making false predictions. They are going to skate rings around me and chances are I won’t even touch the puck.

Not to say that I don’t have grand fantasies of getting out there, being far better than I anticipated and actually scoring on my goalie daughter..if I’m gonna dream, I’m gonna dream big!

But really I suppose as long as I walk way with no broken bones we can call it good..

And So It Ends...

What Happens on a Hockey Trip STAYS on a Hockey Trip