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If you are a hockey parent like me, you probably have spent the last month or so willing the “off season” to begin. Maybe get a life of your own that doesn’t revolve around ice, stinky goalie gear, dinners through a drive thru and endless skating drills.

The problem is when it gets here, it really isn’t HERE. Case in point. Our season ended just last weekend. But in just 2 short weeks, tryouts for NEXT year begin. That will involve several days over several weeks because the hockey gods know that you just can’t put your goals in one have to try out EVERYWHERE.

So you get past tryouts but wait..there’s the goalie camp you signed her up for that is a week long. And then there’s the call from the summer league, could she PLEASE sub for their missing goalie in the next 2 games. And it goes on and on.

Pretty soon your “off season” has become “on season” and the team is starting practices and you are discussing the tournament right around the corner.

Annoying at times? Yes. Worth it in the end? Hell yes.

Bring it on, I am like a goalie…I can bend.

Survival of the Fittest..Hockey Tryouts

And So It Ends...