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Hockey Walk of Shame

No, it’s not THAT walk of shame where women of notorious character leave a hotel, a bar, a guy’s house or even a parking lot in the morning wearing the same outfit they had on the night before.
But this walk of shame can evoke some of the same feelings (not that I would know ANYTHING about that) Feelings such as embarrassment, anger and inferiority.

Imagine this, your kid’s team lost..AGAIN. You are now perched outside the locker room waiting for the coach to stop sermonizing. Preacherman Coach usually is good for about 45 minutes. Annoying yes but tolerable if you don’t factor in the other team.

You see the other team doesn’t have to sit through the sermon. Either their coach isn’t that long winded or maybe the win shortens the rhetoric somewhat. So while our parents are leaning against block walls, making small talk, straining to hear what is being said in the locker room, the other kids and their parents are walking right by us with jerseys and equipment in hand.

This forces us to do the obligatory “good game” statment to each of them. This, of course, IS good sportmanship but when you lost 10-0 sometimes you just don’t want to acknowledge the slayers of your dragons (or in this case Mustangs).

So you just take it, game after game. Unless you are like me and try to storm the gates after a few minutes. Oh yeah I have been known to knock on the locker room door, give it a gentle kick and even muse (in my loudest voice) how much I wish the coach would hurry up. Childish? Perhaps. Effective?


The worst part is that the kids never remembered what was said! I would always ask and this is what I got “you know mom, stuff”


45 minutes of “stuff”?

My theory is that there was no talking and they just sat in there laughing at us!

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