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I believe it was Chaucer that said ”all good things must come to an end” and so they do. My goalie daughter’s Squirt season with the Mustangs has now run it’s course with 2 wins and a loss this last weekend. Having won the last game of the season I can honestly say to the team “you’ve come a long way baby” or babies.

It’s always a little bittersweet to reach the conclusion of a season. After all you have shared so much with the parents and kids. And it can never be repeated. Even if all the players come back next season we will still be missing the ones who are moving up to PeeWee. And to throw another cliche in the mix “you can’t go home again”.

So, in honor of the hardest working underdogs in Squirt hockey, here are some of the highlights of being a part of the Mustangs:

- The hugging and squealing that would have rivaled fans at a Justin Bieber concert during our first win at the Thanksgiving day tournament. And that was the parents!
- Never again being able to hear the name Sophia without yelling “Go Sophia!” in honor of our youngest Mustang.
- All the good (yet vaguely guilt ridden) parent moments at the ice rink bar. Something had to make those endless Thursday night practices go quicker. Thank you Tina and Hope (our barmaids), Shirley Temples, wine and Sex Panther… If you don’t know, don’t ask!
- Hoisting up our lovely mascot in Anaheim..the cardboard hockey player cutout proudly supplied by the aforementioned ice rink bar. Thanks to “L” for the tender loving care it took to remove all the inappropriate beer slogans.
- The parents vs kids games..proving once more that we “ain’t as young as we used to be” and introducing the world to “Whiff” “Momforcer” and “Toe Pick”.
- Our cheering section comprised of two older sisters and our team manager. The loudest and proudest. Who will ever forget “role call” of the players’ names on the ice?
- Two out of state trips resulting in 2 wins, 1 tie, Disney, the beach, Knott’s Berry Farm and the strip in Las Vegas.
- The largest hockey tape ball in recorded history, adding an element of “art” to our defenseman’s hockey bag.
- Adopting the “wiggle” as the team dance, performed on ice at the conclusion of a win.
- Surprising every other Squirt team in town by winning a crucial game in end of year playoffs. Never underestimate a team that has nothing to lose.
- The countless “gold dollars” that were handed out for performance.
- Goal jars, boots and brawls. Again if you don’t know..don’t ask!
- And last but not least watching our kids develop fast furious friendships and the camaraderie between the parents. Nothing compares to being in the hockey trenches with people you actually enjoy being around!

So raise that cup, Stanley of course, to a great season!


Retribution on Ice - The Parents vs Kids Hockey Game